Color and Play...Any Time, Any Way!

Make Kiboo Kids your very own using washable colors. Then simply wash...and repeat!

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  • Girl coloring Kiboo stuffie with different colors of washable markers

    Coloring activities

    Coloring is a way for children to do many important things: develop fine motor skills, convey ideas, express emotion, use their senses, learn about colors, explore process and outcomes, and create aesthetically pleasing works and experiences.

  • Girl playing with colored boy stuffie from Kiboo

    Imaginative Play

    Kids love coming up with stories and dreamworlds for their dolls to live in. Be it pretending routine activities, like eating, going to school, taking a bath, sleeping, or going on fantastic adventures, the creative possibilities are endless.

  • Kiboo Stuffies ready to be colored again after being washed on the washing machine

    Color, Play, Wash...Repeat!

    Our products are intended to be washed so that the colors can be removed for repeat play. This allows the child hours of color and play time using new and unique perspectives on color combinations and imaginative play.

  • "Perfect"

    "This was honestly one of the best most well loved presents I had gotten for my daughter, in a long long while. She got hours of entertainment from it. Was so proud of how she could colour it and change her hair and her clothes. She had a back pack for school or a trip to mimis. She was very, very well loved. She was sturdy, and held up through rough play, and she washed very well too, so you could start all over. It did come with markers but basically any washable marker is fine, so change up the colours however you wish."

    Michaela D, United States

  • "So cute!"

    "Oh, let me tell you about the Kiboo Kids Color Your Doll! It's seriously awesome for little artists in the making. My kid absolutely loves it! They get to color and customize their very own "Girl Doll with Braids" using these cool washable markers. And guess what? It's reusable! They can color, play, wash, and then do it all over again. It's like a never-ending art adventure! Plus, the mini doll backpack that comes with it adds a whole new level of fun to their playtime. As a parent, I'm thrilled that it keeps them creatively engaged for hours without any messy hassle. Perfect gift material, hands down!"

    Kathryn, United States

  • "Fun Toy"

    "My daughter has Autism and is still learning to draw and have fun coloring. I got this to have something different and more sensory. She is still getting used to it but was much more interested in coloring this doll over paper. Highly recommend!"

    Rachel, United States

  • "Creative Fun"

    "I absolutely love the concept of this little doll! My three old had a blast creating a character of her own, and the included washable markers mean she will be able to revisit and recreate her little stuffed friend when she is ready to change things up!

    This is great way to encourage creative thinking, practice colors, and keep kids engaged - 5/5 stars!"

    Caleb, United States

  • "My Go-To Gift for Kids"

    "I found out about Kiboo while searching for gifts for my nieces. They loved so much and now Kiboo became my go-to gift for kids. The dolls have been washed multiple times and they still look brand new. Amazing product, great gift for an amazing price."

    Marcelo, United States

  • "So much fun!"

    "My daughter loves this!! It was a surprise for her because she broke her wrist and her cast came off and she could enjoy her arts and crafts again. The marker works great on her, and she comes with a back pack too! Washes well too!"

    Amyrose, United States

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the age recommendations for Kiboo Kids Color and Play Dolls, and how do they benefit children's development?

Our Kiboo Kids Color and Play Dolls are perfect for little artists of varying ages with benefits tailored to each developmental stage:

- Ages 3-4: At this playful age, children are likely to enjoy scribbling and may start coloring within the lines. It's a delightful way for them to enhance their fine motor skills as they learn to control their grip and movements.

- Ages 4-5: Kids start to explore the world of color combinations and patterns, which aids in cognitive development. Selecting colors and deciding on patterns contribute to their understanding of the world around them.

- Ages 6-8: Children begin to pay attention to details, making their dolls look 'just right'. They may add their own drawings or intricate patterns, which enhances their creative skills and allows their imagination to flourish.

Our dolls are designed to grow with your child, providing a creative outlet and developmental benefits that evolve with their skills and age.

What are Kiboo Kids Color and Play Dolls made of?

Our dolls are crafted from high-quality, washable fabric designed to endure countless coloring and washing cycles. They are filled with safe, hypoallergenic stuffing, perfect for kids.

How do I wash the Color and Play Dolls?

Hand washing with liquid detergent may be enough to wash off the colors. However, for easier and best results, we recommend the following:

- Wash on gentle cycle using cold water.

- Use laundry detergent for best results.

- Do not bleach.

- Line dry only- do not tumble dry.

- Gently wring out excess water for faster air drying.

Are the washable markers safe for all ages?

Our markers are non-toxic and washable, safe for kids of all ages to use. They have also passed stringent safety tests to ensure peace of mind for parents.

Since the markers have caps that qualify as small parts, they are not recommended for children under 3 years old. The dolls are safe for all ages, 0 to 99+ :)

Can I buy replacement markers or more colors for my Color and Play Dolls?

Of course! Most off-the-shelf Washable Markers can be washed off from our toys.

Just make sure there are no sharpers in the mix ;)

What is your return policy?

If you’re not entirely satisfied with your purchase, we accept returns within 30 days of receipt, provided the item is unused and in its original packaging.